NEW 14th outlet - Ramen Keisuke Champon King 

Originated from Nagasaki in Kyushu, Champon was regarded as one of popular soul foods in Japan. Defined as ‘to mix a variety of things’, the signature dish usually comes with an ample of basic ingredients that include mixed vegetables, seafood, pork, clams, fishcake, prawn, and squid. 

The specialty of Champon King lies with the silk-like creamy thick pork-based and chicken based broth that requires at least 6 hours of simmering. Thanks to the abundance of mixed vegetables, fresh poultry, and seafood incorporated in the dish, Champon is seen as the healthiest option enriched with vitamins and proteins among all the Japanese noodle options. 

 There are 3 variations of Champon Ramen – Yama Champon, Umi Champon, King Champon.